Here I would like to give you 5 reasons to choose Umbria, in Italy, as a destination wedding.

If you love good food and Italy, like me, you might consider mixing them by organizing a wedding in one of the thousands of wonderful Italian lacations. There is no place elsewhere like Umbria with rolling hills, a fascinating lake, many castles, vineyards, villages and beautiful colors to organize an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception for your special day.


In Umbria you will find landscapes never seen before: the red sunsets on the lake or on the terrace of Perugia, the green of the olive groves and all the colors, from red to orange, to yellow, to the brown of the vineyards …
If you love nature and if you are a romantic woman like me, the Italian countryside, Umbrian expecially, with its vineyards and olive groves will be the perfect location for your perfect day. Your wedding combined with Italian hospitality, excellent food and wine mixed with the magical atmosphere of that day, floral decorations and tables set for your weddings … all the colors with the elegant combinations of decorations will make your wedding elegant and chic.


Umbria has an incredible and important history, it was the birthplace of the Umbrian people, in the center of Italy, starting from the 10th century B.C., in a dominant position to the artery of the Tiber river.
In its capital, Perugia, we find the beautiful Perugian hill and the original Etruscan walls still visible today, built between the 4th and 3rd centuries. with a length of three kilometers, which encloses the Colle Landone and the Colle del Sole on which the city stands.
Walking along the main street, dedicated to the famous painter Pietro Vannucci, called “il Perugino”, you can breathe the air of an important past still present and visible in the beautiful historic buildings: the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Fontana Maggiore, the Palazzo dei Priori , the Palazzo del Cambio, the Archaeological Museum, the National Gallery with its precious paintings.


In every month of the year, Umbria offers you many solutions to celebrate your wedding, there are so many things you can do during your stay: the grape harvest, the picnic in the olive groves and vineyards with wines and food at zero km, the walks in the most beautiful villages in the world.
You can visit Deruta where you will see the famous ceramics exported all over the world and admired and imitated by all, you can also choose them as an arrangement for your wedding and to make it truly perfect.
From delicious food paired with local wine, aperitifs, picnics by the lake, wine tastings and in search of your favorite truffle in the Umbrian woods, you will want to spend a lot of time in the Umbrian lands and fall in love with this extraordinary style of life as it happened to me!


Umbria offers so many incredible places and experiences that you will have only one thought: choose the one you prefer!
You can choose to get married along the rows of a vineyard, or in a beautiful ancient building, or on the shores of the lake with the herons that will frame the most beautiful day of your life …
Or you can visit and locate the church you prefer, also choosing from the Cathedral of Perugia, the Basilica of Assisi, the Gothic Church of San Domenico dating back to the fifth century with the mosaic stained glass window among the largest in Europe


The light and colors of these amazing italian places will be the perfect setting for your wedding day in Umbria and the beautiful photos and videos will stay with you and your guests forever, making your day unique and unforgettable.
You will be able to use all the locations that you will choose as suitable for your desires, enchanted views, dream colors, which will host you from arrival until the final toast with two glasses of good wine …
The image of a couple celebrating their wedding in a beautiful, elegant and refined location, happy and surrounded by all their loved ones is the greatest satisfaction a wedding planner can have, because your happiness makes my happiness!

After that, I’m waiting for you in Umbria!