5 useful tips for choosing a wedding venue … and a bonus one

You did not expect – or maybe yes – but, out of the blue, he proposed.
On a beautiful setting, he made up his mind and proposed. And you said yes!
So, what’s next? Your head’s spinning and can’t stop thinking about all the things you will have to do in order to get the wedding of your dreams!
But while each and every decisions related to the wedding can play a part in shaping your big day, there is a little number of choices that will make a bigger impact than other. One of the biggest is definitely choosing your wedding venue.
The wedding venue will set the wedding’s tone; choosing it wisely is an imperative.
There are some questions to ask when choosing you wedding venue, from picking a location that suits your wedding style (classic, bohemian, or rustic event?) to setting your budget and respect it.
You should put together a checklist of the main factors to consider when selecting a wedding venue.
But how in the world one can take such a decision, with very few possibilities of making it wrong? Where do you even start when it comes to deciding how to pick a wedding venue?
I am here to help you! With the help of a local wedding planner it will be easier to have everything under control.

I usually share with my brides some tips on how to choose a wedding venue, and here you are a few: I hope you will treasure them!ù

#1 Always be on time

If you are searching for a specific wedding location in Italy, then the earlier the better. Stunning venues can get booked up to one year and a half in advance, so the sooner you get started, the more likely you are to get your first choice.
You don’t want to fall in love with your dream venue only to find out they’re fully booked for the next 12 months, do you? Choosing your wedding venue in Umbria will be one of the first wedding planning moves you make.
Start your venue search in advance and schedule those site visits as soon as you can if you truly want your first pick of venue, or have a non-negotiable wedding date already set,.
Your wedding venue’s availability will be the deciding factor in setting your wedding date if you have a more flexible date range

#2 Don’t’ forget your guests’ list

Capacity limits can make or break a venue: size definitely matters when it comes to your venue!
Depending on the number of guests, you should pick a wedding venue with a comfortable amount of space for all of them: you should ask the venue how many people the venue can fit comfortably, as well as what is allowed according to the fire code!
Having a venue that’s too large with a smaller guest list can make the place seem a bit empty. On the other hand, you also don’t want to pack 250 guests into a venue that has a max capacity of exactly 250 people.
There’s a world of difference in cost and planning effort between a tiny party and a great one, so pin down your numbers as soon as you can!
Are you having a destination wedding in Umbria? Then you should keep in mind that your location should better have accommodation on site. Or, at least, very near to a hotel.



#3 Keep your budget under control


Budget is the main factor you should always keep in mind. Décor and floral design will drive the cost up, not only how much the space will cost.
At the very beginning you should set a total budget, so you can draft a wedding budget on the wedding location before you start your wedding venue hunt. There’s nothing more disappointing than finding what feels like your dream venue but then realizing later down the line that it doesn’t fit into your wedding budget!

Break down your overall budget by category, prioritizing more funds for vendors that are a higher priority.
Please bear in mind that some venues might provide some important event services already in their price quote, while others might charge more for the same services.
But you should also know that some wedding venues in Umbria can offer wedding packages, including food, service, settings and more.
Your budget is usually the leading factor in how to choose a wedding venue in Italy; always keep in mind to ask your wedding venue and find out exactly what is—and isn’t—included.

#4 Curfew and limitations

No one will ever tell you when the party has to end, but they will definitely tell when it has to stop.
Some venues have strict rules about when you will need to be quiet: make sure to ask if there are any noise restrictions. You have to get to know them before signing the contract for your wedding venue.
You’ll need to find a wedding venue that’s pet friendly if, for example, having a dog as a ring-bearer is fundamental for you and the groom. Venues set rules for a reason, and they don’t often make exceptions just because you really want something, may it be using candles and sparklers or hanging décor from the rafters.

#5 Make sure you have a plan B

When it comes to weather, it’s a good idea to hope for the best but prepare for the worst! That’s my favorite affirmation when planning a wedding. Weather is so unpredictable and you can’t plan to have an outdoor ceremony without thinking of having a covered or indoor option in the case of rain. You’ll want to confirm a venue’s ability to successfully execute a rain plan!
If the venue has both indoor and outdoor options you will always have a plan B that is easy to put into effect. Please, just make sure you also love the indoor option!
Maybe it can help to look at some historic temperatures for your date and location to decide how to pick a wedding venue that makes the most sense.

#Bonus one: Enlist the help of a local wedding planner

Local wedding planners know it all. They are like venues visionaries. A local wedding planner can recommend a wedding venue based on your style, budget, guest count, and much more, and is able to have the whole view in her/his mind. Even if you do not have a precise idea on how your wedding party should like, a wedding planner will help you getting to know it.
Umbria is filled with hidden gems and wedding venues to discover, and choosing one of them can be challenging sometimes without the right help, but trust me, you wouldn’t think of any other place!

Hiring an Italian wedding planner: is it the right choice?

If you are wondering if hiring an Italian wedding planner is the right choice, just think about it: when travelling abroad, the first thing you may think about is finding a local guide to get the most of the place you are visiting, trying to live like a local. Why should it be different with your wedding in Umbria?

Entrust yourself to an Italian wedding planner, she will suggest the perfect outstanding locations, flower settings, fashion bridal ateliers and much more. She will let you and your loved ones live the Italian bella vita, making the most of it like only a real Italian can do.

I am Fatima Palomares and I really can’t wait to meet you and start planning with you: your exclusive Italian wedding is nearer than you think!