How much does a wedding cost in Italy? The definitive guide

Having a clear idea on your budget for your wedding in Umbria is essential and a very good way to start organizing it.
To understand the average prices of a wedding in Italy, we need to analyse several factors and understand how best to go about achieving the desired result.
Among the many variables we will also analyse we will find the number of guests, the location, the period and the day of the week, but let’s look at them together.
In general, talking about a complete wedding, on average you can spend from 25,000 euro and up.
A wedding with lower figures will most likely have some gaps or lack some important elements.

How much does it cost to organise a wedding in Italy: Number of guests

The average price of a wedding in Italy varies a lot depending on the number of people you decide to invite.
If your guest list has more than 100 you will probably exceed 50,000 euros, if you can keep around 50 guests you are likely to stay between 25,000 and 30,000.

Among the expenses that you will have to consider willy-nilly for your wedding you will find:
– Wedding invitations
– Favours
– Floral decorations (church/town hall decorations and bouquets)
– Rental cars
– Photographer and video maker
– Music and DJ set
– Catering

The cake is also an important element and the importance of a wonderful make-up for the bride cannot be overlooked.

How much does it cost to organise a wedding in Italy: the location

Another decisive aspect for the success of your wedding is undoubtedly the chosen wedding location.
In order to calculate the expense you will incur for your wedding venue, it is essential to understand a few things:
Exclusivity of the location: if the location will be for exclusive use on that date, the cost will be higher
Type of event: it is obvious that if the event will include a dinner and after-dinner the price will be different from a dinner-only or after-dinner event.
Even different prices for lunch, which is a good solution in the case of an open-air location, for example.
– Type and historicity of the location: whether an ancient and historic location or a luxurious and modern one, prices will vary depending on the size and characteristics of the venue.
Size and services offered: the size and services offered by the venue are also an important factor in determining the cost of the location for your special day.

How much does it cost to organise a wedding in Italy: period and location

The area where you decide to have your wedding in Italy also influences the final price.
Northern Italy has slightly lower prices than central of Italy, while holding a wedding in Tuscany will cost a little more than the budget for a wedding event in Umbria.
For your wedding in Umbria you can find a beautiful hamlet or a small village, or a luxurious castle: any wedding location you are going to choose will be the perfect setting for your wedding, and will reflect your personality.

The time of year when you decide to organise your wedding in Italy is also a determining factor for the overall budget you will have to consider: you go from high season where prices are higher (May to September) to low season where prices are more competitive (October to March-April)
The day of the week, as well as of course the number of days you want to have for your event also have a big influence on the overall budget for organising your wedding.

Another interesting idea would be to host your guests directly at the location.
Ceremonies held in the middle of the week would be lower in percentage terms than those set for the weekend.

To all these factors we must add the inflation that also affects our industry, which leads to a progressive increase in prices.

In any case, the best way to organise a wedding while trying to optimise your expenses according to your needs is to entrust yourself to a professional wedding planner who can manage most of the variables to make your special day unique, a wedding planner in Umbria who can suggest the perfect exclusive locations, sumptuous floral arrangements, sumptuous bridal ateliers and much more.
I am Fatima Palomares and I can’t wait to meet you and start planning with you: your exclusive Italian wedding is closer than you think!