How to set your wedding budget: our suggestions

If you recently got engaged, maybe in a very romantic situation, with your handsome fiancé down on one knee in front of a breathtaking sunset…now it’s time to think about your wedding organization!
And what’s the most important thing you have to bear in mind during the organization of a wedding?
The very first thing you have to do is to set your wedding budget… and preferably stick to it!
I can easily imagine you are so excited to get married, and it can be way too easy to throw yourself into planning, without thinking about how much you have to spend. But you should remember that the process will be more enjoyable if you set a realistic wedding budget. In this way, you can start organizing the wedding ceremony basing on the money that you actually have.
It doesn’t matter if your budget is big or small, you can go with a low budget ceremony or with a great one, in both cases there are some general guidelines that you can follow, in order to decide what you can afford to spend, and what you will want to save on, and I am so glad to share them with you.

Talk honestly to your partner

You have to decide together with your partner how much you are going to spend for your wedding: that’s the first thing to do.
If you think that setting a budget is the hardest part, you haven’t thought about sticking to it.. but I can assure you that with the help of a trusty wedding planner (a local one would be perfect if you are planning a destination wedding in Italy) it will be easier than you can imagine.
No wedding is worth starting your married life in debts. I promise you that both of you, your friends and family and all of your guests will love the day and the wedding ceremony no matter what, because everyone loves you and will enjoy celebrating with you.
Lucky you, beautiful bride! I have got many tips on how to save money, so that you can get the wedding ceremony you want for the budget you have.

Where can you get the money for your wedding budget?

Fine, you set the budget with your partner: now, you will have to think from where you are taking the money you need.
how much of your savings are you willing to put towards the wedding organization? How much you and your partner have in savings?
My suggestion is to start writing an excel, keeping track of how much take-home income you both get each month and take away all the fixed financial commitments such as rent, gym membership, food budget, transport cost. Hypothesize the costs of random special outings, setting aside a realistic amount for that.
If there’s money left (hopefully yes) you can save it and put it on your wedding budget, each month. Maybe you could open a new bank account and put it there, so you are sure you won’t be tempted to spend them.
Additional tip: maybe someone of your family is happy to contribute? It is worth seeing if either set of parents will help you financially or pay for a specific cost, like the dress or flowers.

Set a wedding guests’ list, it will be a big part of your wedding budget

The wedding banquet and the wedding venue size generally consist in the biggest part of your wedding budget.
You can ask your wedding planner to give you a list of venues depending on how much they charge for the renting and how much is the cost per head for the catering, because the more guests you will have, the greater the amount of money you will (probably) need.
If you choose to have a destination wedding you will be able to limit the number of the guests (so you will be not urged to invite all the third-grade relatives!) and you will be free to choose the wedding venue based only on your taste and preference.
Just a little tip: wedding venues’ costs will take to most part of your wedding budget. So it is important to block it out as soon as you are sure about your guests’ list.

Prioritize the rest of your budget

Always listen to your trusty wedding planner: take your budget and cut it in half, this amount should cover your wedding venue hire, plus your food and drink charges.
The remaining half of your budget is for everything else. But are you sure you know what’s everything else?
• Wedding dress
• Photography
• Bridal hair and make up (Maybe more than one hair and makeup trial)
• Wedding rings
• Groom’s attire
• Wedding invitations
• Flowers and décor
• Catering per head
• Music during the ceremony and the afterward party
• On-the-day wedding stationery: order of service, menu and place cards
• Marriage licence/registrar fees
• Extra reception décor (lighting hire, as an example)
• Wedding party gifts
• Post-wedding extras such as thank you cards
And we are certainly not finished, there are plenty of things still to think about. My suggestion is: pick up your “non-negotiable” and discuss them with your partner: in my opinion a good wedding photographer should be on top of the list, you will treasure the memories of your special day.

Stick to your budget

It is important that you stick to your budget: I know, it’s boring, since I repeated it to you from the beginning, but it’s true.
You will have to set the budget with your partner, but then you will rely on me. I will get back to you with a proposal that takes into account your wedding budget, without exceeding it.
Well, if you then understand that you can have a little more, we will be on time to adjust it as you may prefer.

Hiring an Italian wedding planner: is it the right choice?

If you are wondering if hiring an Italian wedding planner is the right choice, I can come to you with a useful comparison.
After having set your wedding budget and decided to have a destination wedding in Umbria, the first thing you may think about is hiring a local wedding planner. It’s like when travelling abroad, the first thing you may think about is finding a local guide to get the most of the place you are visiting. So why should it be different with your wedding in Umbria?
Entrust yourself to an Italian wedding planner, who will be able to suggest the perfect wedding locations, flower settings, bridal ateliers and much more, helping you to stick to your wedding budget.
You will get the chance to live the Italian bella vita, making the most of it like only a real Italian can do, together with your loved one, your family and friends.
I am Fatima Palomares and I really can’t wait to meet you and start planning with you: your exclusive Italian wedding is nearer than you think!