In Italy, A big heart in the Umbrian Apennines is the beautiful Lake Trasimeno, a heart framed by reeds and dotted with magnificent white water lily that releases romance not only for its particular shape, but also for the legend that hovers around the origins of its name, which narrates the meeting between the nymph Agilla and Prince Trasimeno, son of the god Tyrrhenian, who on a particularly hot day, he dived into the lake to cool off. Struck by its beauty, Agilla tried to attract his attention with her melodious song with which she attracted him to the Polvese island where he lived. A glance was enough for the two to fall deeply in love with each other …
Getting married on the shores of the lake with the sky reflecting in the water, with herons and mallards floating in the air seems like an image straight out of a fantastic tale … lake vegetation, two newlyweds with their loved ones cheering up the day more important than their life, the love that frames the sumptuous and mysterious picture of the spouses’ soul: this is what you will see as you approach the lake with a soul predisposed to the union of two souls.
The Polvese Island is the largest of the three Trasimeno Islands, a suggestive place with enchanting sunsets that are never the same. A fabulous location for your unforgettable wedding day, able to combine elegance and nature. It is the perfect theater in which to set the most important day of your life. Large spaces and gardens that touch the lake where you can give life to a welcome drink, upon the arrival of your guests after a short crossing of the lake on the characteristic ferry of the place, which will leave them surprised and enchanted.
The civil ceremony of your marriage can be celebrated directly close to the banks or in a church of San Giuliano. Every aspect of the day will be managed with professionalism and experience, to create a fabulous day. In the prestigious setting of a romantic villa, country-style banquets take shape among reeds and herons that rise in flight, or elegant cohabitations in the light of candles and lake reflections.
A place that offers fabulous and never the same sunsets. Walking along its banks it is possible to see the rise of hawks and herons, going up the gentle hills the villages you can see traces of the epic battle of Hannibal and the Roman legionaries, the remains left by Etruscans, Lombards, popes and dukes with palaces, abbeys , terracotta churches and sanctuaries that conceal works by important artists. This lake, as the play by Gianluca Brundo recites, has the ability to understand you, to explain to you what you often feel and cannot understand, to make yours, it is a kind of alchemy, a kind of superpower that the lake knows how to instill in you. and it is precisely in that instant that you fully perceive its beauty, because it has entered you.