“My Umbrian Wedding” was born from the love for this fascinating region.

Founded by Fatima Palomares, after meeting the love of her life, his Umbrian Prince Charming and settling down in this magical region.
Later on, Federica and Elena joined the team.

Customer Care experience

They have decades of customer care experience, hospitality background, focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, with a high knowledge of the region and love for the land where they were born.
All of them with the same dream: being able to carry the couples as a local friend during the journey, that means organization of one of the most important days in their lives.

Professional approach

We assist them in the experience of planning weddings as region specialists with a professional approach with couples, who come from all over the world.
Fatima professionalism, mixed with an international touch and awareness, is based on previous experiences living in Dubai, USA, France and being born in Spain and ALWAYS respecting the combination of dreams, desires and personality that embody the style of a couple.

We believe in humanity

We have something else in common, we believe in humanity and in the idea that a better world is possible.
For this reason a part of our annually profit is given as support to not profit organizations.
From locals ones taking care of kids with special needs, protecting animals rights and elderly people to those that bring help overseas to areas of conflict or hit by war providing aid, food and education.
We are feeling lucky and we are so blessed to do what we do and it is a must for us to continue in simple way.

Without heart we would be mere machines

– Alfa Romeo 8 –