The most important thing that marring people have to know is the choice of the location.
In Italy and especialally in Umbria you can find everything you want, you can choose between rustic farmhouses, agricultural estate or wonderful county houses.
Many people think that wedding in a vineyard is necessarily rustic and simple but in Italy it can also be very luxurious. Many Umbrian castles and estates around Montefalco have their own vineyards and you can have both luxury and nature in one place. One thing you need to know about weddings is that theItalian luxurious atmosphere is created by the style. Something that’s every time in an appearance discrepancy: luxurious decor in a rustic place. In this way you can have both a traditional Italian place surrounded by greenery and luxurious details created by flowers, lights, mise-en-place. Your guests will be delighted with this perfect combination.
Umbria In Italy offers us landscapes, spaces, wonderful colors and a nature to be lived, it is an excellent wine tourism destination and a region of great wines, from the red Montefalco Sagrantino Docg, dry or passito, to the white Orvieto Classico Superiore Doc to the Muffato of Orvieto, oenological jewel and generous gift of autumn.
Dotted with vineyards and wineries along the Strada dei Vini del Cantico, passing through Todi, Assisi, Montefalco, Bevagna and Torgiano: between Muffato and Sagrantino you can see hillside vineyards and medieval squares.
If you get married in September or October around Montefalco, In Umbria, you will find the rows full of sugary grapes and the leaves have probably started to change color, while if you get married in spring and in the height of summer the vineyard will be poorer in fruit but of a bright and luxuriant green. .
There are many aspects to consider for the perfect success of such Umbrian amazing marriage. But with the right help, such an event can only stun anyone lucky enough to attend.
Soft pastel colors for the shabby style so the ideal will be the nuance of pink up to burgundy if you want to dare stronger colors; you can also simply stay in a total white and abound with the green of aromatic plants and olive trees.
Along with grapes, another possible theme to inspire you is that of wine, oil, olive trees or ears of wheat useful for floral decorations also adorned with berries, olives and dried fruit.
The tables can be set up in a rustic style with rectangular tables with white folding wooden chairs or chiavarine.
It will be possible to lay the raw table directly, or you can choose a white / ecru tablecloth and run a jute or linen runner in the center that runs down to the ground at the sides. Remember that jute is the fabric that abounds in the shabby style (together with lace) and you can use it anywhere to recall the details!
It will be possible to use wooden gazebos enriched with natural elements such as olive branches, lavender, vines, or hay bales. Barrels, flasks and wooden cases of wines can be used as decorations or as a base for centerpieces or tableau. Finally, jars of honey, jams, bottles of new oil can become favors for guests
Every detail must reflect the Umbria country chic style of your italian wedding in the wonderful Montefalco countryside.

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