Umbria is a land of hamlets, small splendid jewels of medieval architecture, set among the green hills, far from the chaos and rush, where time still seems to pass slowly. The Umbrian hamlets’ landscape which appears to all the people who travel in this country is the view of small and large stone complexes perched on the heights that have dominated the surrounding hills for centuries.
Umbria gives a widespread and all-round selection of solutions to its citizens but also tourists who come to stay or simply wish to get married in this magic place, because in every corner we can find something that enchants and fascinates us. Between squares, alleys, fortresses, churches, palaces and towers, Romanesque and Medieval vestiges blend harmoniously, which whisper ancient and evocative stories, giving an extraordinary charm to the landscape and to the new married’s atmosphere. A wedding celebrated in one of the marvelous Castles or in one of the beautiful hamlet that crowded this land gives evidence to an important link with an intense and important historical period that characterized the Umbrian hamlets and valleys for centuries, making the bridal day special and eternal. Getting married in an Umbrian hamlet can make your day even more special because when places whisper stories they are also able to inspire wonderful ones…A wedding in the hamlet combines beauty, romance and offers suggestive scenarios and unique views, to remember against the backdrop of a luxuriant nature among oaks, olive trees, vineyards.
It’s possible to be enchanted by the countless castles, show up in the Green Heart of Italy, which will make your wedding a fairy tale of yesteryear, including halls of honor and painted rooms, drawbridges and perched towers. Or choose to crown the dream of love among the small ancient fiefdoms or old estates in the middle of the wonderful Umbrian countryside, where it’s possible to celebrate civil or religious weddings in the squares or in the dedicated churches and have all the spaces available to you and yours. guests, who you can entertain with excellent food and music during all your magical event. For those who love the life on a human scale of the countless small and characteristic medieval hamlets, the choice can be based on the celebration of marriage in Spello, Bevagna, Assisi, or Montefalco, but also Corciano, Narni or Trevi …. the small hamlets in Umbria are truly infinite and one more evocative than the others.

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