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Castello Bonaparte

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Project Description

A mystical and romantic castle built in an unspoiled park, where flora and fauna are protected to preserve the natural beauty of the space. The history of this castle is filled with tales of battles between noble families up until 1830, when the property was captured and held by Napoleone Bonaparte’s successors.
It is a place full of mysticism and history, where timelessness and history produce an unforgettable experience. The castle’s exposed stone, both inside and outside, includes a fortified inner courtyard framed by antique wooden doors and battlements, ideal for a romantic wedding celebration. There is also an inner hall which can host an intimate 40-seat banquet.
No level of imagination is capable of fathoming the unique results of a photo shoot held here. A kiss in the main entrance with stone walls and ancient furniture in the background. The impact of a white dress against the backdrop of fortified streets or on in the wood’s many paths.
Around the castle is a large garden and a swimming pool surrounded by high trees. An outdoor reception features the castle as a backdrop and guests can be seated under a tent lit by romantic fairy lights.
The day then comes to a close with dancing under the stars, surrounded by floral decorations and lanterns, marking the end of an enchanting and romantic wedding day, where love was the central theme.

  • Civil wedding:  Cortona/ Umbertide

  • Blessing: Resort grounds

  • Accommodations: 2 doublerooms, 1 Appartment

  • Sleeps: 31