Wedding venues in Umbria: focus on La Badia di Orvieto

Umbria, a small region located in the very heart of Italy, the only region who does not face the sea but its filled with hidden gems and wedding venues to discover.
Today I would like to introduce a special venue that has a special place in my heart: La Badia di Orvieto.
La Badia di Orvieto is the perfect spot for a romantic wedding. You can celebrate your Catholic wedding in the XI century Church, embellished with precious marble floor.
If you wish for a civil ceremony the magnificent Gothic stone arch, framing the view to the tufa rock of Orvieto, will suit as an unblemished location. If that’s a summer wedding in Umbria you’re are opting for, then the reception can take place in the beautiful outdoor spaces. There are some solutions for the indoor options, too.
You will just fall in love with ist marble mosaic floors, arched porticos, frescoed vaulted ceilings. And let us mention the 12-sided tower that dates back to 1103!

Destination Wedding: the dream of getting married in Italy

Italy as a destination wedding holds a special place in the heart of many couples. Some have met there, whether on holiday or business trip, some others have family there, some others simply love the idea of getting married in Italy for its culture, colors, fun and tasty food and wine.
Wedding celebrations are taken seriously in Italy, so choosing to get married in Italy it’s only a natural one!

Destination wedding in Umbria: hospitality solutions at La Badia di Orvieto

La Badia di Orvieto, besides beeing a very romantic wedding venue in Umbria, is also a four-star hotel with 22 rooms and 5 suites. When travelling with a small-medium group of guests it could be the ideal venute for your destination wedding.
The wedding venue lays in the green Umbria countryside, overlooking Todi and its tufa rock. La Badia di Orvieto also offers a marvellous and spacious park, hills covered with olive trees and rows of grapevines and, as told just above, a stunning Cathedral. The restaurant, swimming pool and tennis court complete the offer.
Do you know that La Badia di Orvieto can be qualified as the oldest hotel in Italy? In the past centuries it offered hospitality to saints and prelates who searched for tranquility for meditation and spiritual retreats.
During your stay you could even organize a day out, visiting Todi or the nearby Civita di Bagnoregio (half an hour to go) or even Siena (one hour and a half) or Florence (two hours).
A perfect destination wedding, indeed!

La Badia di Orvieto: a wedding venue I enjoyed myself

When speaking about wedding venues sometimes we make a classical mistake: we talk about it as an impersonal venue.
But since I received these beautiful pictures from the renowned wedding photographer Chelsea Mason, Ottawa’s Best Wedding Photographer for five years in a row, I made up my mind and decided to tell you about La Badia di Orvieto through her lens.
Kaitlyn and Mitch tied the knot in an intimate ceremony, forerun by an engagement session in Rome (two hours drive from La Badia).
The couple chose this wedding venue in Umbria because of the love of the Bride for olive leaves and because this location epitomizes Italian charm and romance.
They decided to exchange their vows under the arch overlooking Todi and the ceremony continued with an elegant, luxury family dinner for the reception in the abbey old refectory.
The Bride is very keen on details, as you can see looking at the pictures. The couple’s son looked utterly adorable in his suit and bowtie.

Getting married in Italy: how to do it

Getting married in Italy is easier than you may think. For the documents you need it depends on the Country you come from, but you can get married legally in Italy even if you are not an Italian citizen.
My Umbrian Wedding has the right experience in order to help you with all the bureaucratic aspects of your luxury wedding in Italy. Just choose the kind of ceremony you prefer: civil, figurative, symbolic, religious. We will make the most of it for you!
plus: catholic weddings are legally recognised in Italy

Hiring an Italian wedding planner: is it the right choice?

If you are wondering if hiring an Italian wedding planner is the right choice, just think about it: when travelling abroad, the first thing you may think about is finding a local guide to get the most of the place you are visiting, trying to live like a local. Why should it be different with your luxury wedding? Entrust yourself to an Italian wedding planner, she will suggest the perfect exclusive locations, lavish flower settings, sumptuous bridal ateliers and much more. She will let you and your loved ones live the Italian bella vita, making the most of it like only a real Italian can do.
I am Fatima Palomares and I really can’t wait to meet you and start planning with you: your exclusive Italian wedding is nearer than you think!