If you’d like to have a destination wedding in Italy, especially in Umbria, you mustn’t miss this Blog about the most beautiful places in this fascinating country!

In the central Umbria you deserve to visit the following locations to set your wonderful italian wedding!

CASTIGLIONE DEL LAGO: Perched on a promontory on the western shores of Lake Trasimeno stands Castiglione del Lago, one of the most evocative villages in all of Umbria. Located in the province of Perugia, it borders Arezzo and Siena and enjoys an enviable view of the splendid waters of the lake. The Palazzo Ducale (1563), also known as Palazzo Corgna, the palace of the family that gave prestige to the lakeside town, initially conceived as a country residence, the palace had the honor of hosting personalities of the caliber of Leonardo Da Vinci and Niccolò Machiavelli and hides inside splendid frescoed rooms, today it offers the possibility of hosting receptions
PASSIGNANO SUL TRASIMENO E ISOLA POLVESE: Move west, an hour’s drive from Gubbio, where on the promontory of the northern shore of Lake Trasimeno stands Passignano, a splendid perched village where taking a walk is a must. After visiting its fortress, venture with a small ferry in the middle of the lake, on Isola Maggiore where you will admire an enchanting lake landscape.
MAGIONE: small village dominated by the majestic Castle of the Knights of Malta, with the Church of San Giovanni Battista from the end of 1500 and the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie from 1200 make this village one of the most beautiful on the eastern shore of Trasimeno.
CITTA’ DELLA PIEVE: the Rocca, built in 1326 to check the safety of the entire town, is now intended for tourist accommodation and you can visit its garden from which you have a splendid view up to Lake Trasimeno. You can climb the Torre del Vescovo, the fourteenth-century fortification along the walled perimeter of the city, whose medieval walkway is open during the Fai Days, and finally get lost in “the path of the alleys” or the labyrinth of alleys aimed at enhancing the urban grid. secondary of the city characterized by picturesque architectural views.
SPELLO: It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Here there is only one thing to do: get lost in its alleys, peek out of the windows and between stone balconies full of flowers and enter relaxation mode! A walk in this beautiful village, in fact, is equivalent to a breath of fresh air (and scented with plants!); it is no coincidence, in fact, that every year the so-called “infiorate di Spello” take place here, an event for Corpus Domini in which carpets and paintings made of flower petals are made that look more like works of art than simple decorations
TORGIANO: A Roman village, it owes its fame to the excellent typical productions of oil and wine, renowned throughout the world. The Town Hall with the magnificent churches are the setting for the celebratory events that the couple will want to celebrate. The Wine Museum is one of the most famous wine museums in Italy!
MARSCIANO: it is the most important center of the Middle Tiber Valley, and is a dynamic and modern town. Its territory fully represents the typical features of the Umbrian landscape: fertile countryside and gentle hills scattered with small villages where the thread of history unravels with unusual continuity allowing a varied stratification of cultures and styles. Countless historic buildings, suggestive landscapes in whose context the medieval castles of the river valley are scattered and which welcome tourists and naturalists for walks and excursions in an uncontaminated environment, with water features, smooth stones, spontaneous vegetation.
TODI: Known as “the most livable city in the world”, Todi is a medieval town of unique beauty and elegance, which stands on top of a hill overlooking the enchanting Tiber valley. One of the most beautiful views is certainly that of Piazza del Popolo, the beating heart of the town. Some of the most important buildings of the historic center overlook the square: the Palazzo Comunale, the thirteenth-century Palazzo del Capitano and the Palazzo dei Priori which contrast, with a suggestive effect, to the religious complex in which the Cathedral and the Church of San Fortunato stand out.
PERUGIA: here you will find medieval alleys to get lost in, breathtaking views and climbs to do all in one breath! In fact, it is only at the end of a series of rather steep streets that you will conquer the heart of the city, Piazza IV Novembre, where you can admire the famous Fontana Maggiore, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Palazzo dei Priori. Relax in one of the bars in Corso Vannucci, which has always been a destination for nightlife between shops and pubs, and get to the Rocca Paolina, a fortress that was a symbol of papal authority until the late nineteenth century. End the day with a flourish by indulging in an artisanal Kiss for dessert!
BRUFA: 20 minutes by car from Perugia, you will find this small village where you breathe and live art, with its important and renowned 5-star SPA to spend your days relaxing and pampered by the romantic and relaxing atmosphere
DERUTA: The castle of Deruta, the ancient Borgo Castellone with towers and walls from the 14th century, surrounded all around by the gentle Umbrian landscape of olive trees, holm oak and chestnut woods. Appointed restaurants offer typical Umbrian cuisine revisited in a modern key with wines and craft beers. Country House are to welcome guests and spouses, immersed in good cuisine and in the wellness centers available.
ASSISI: Known as the city of San Francesco, the patron saint of Italy, and of Santa Chiara, Assisi is located in the middle of the Umbrian hills, perched on Mount Subasio, and is a feast for the eyes. Given the connection with the two saints, it is only right to start the walk through its streets from the Basilica of San Francesco, a true masterpiece of art. In these parts, the churches are all beautiful, important and famous: among the places of prayer (or, for non-believers, simply beautiful), the Eremo delle Carceri and the Porziuncola deserve an honorable mention: open yourself to spirituality!
ORVIETO: With its breathtaking views and the intimate alleys of the historic center, Orvieto is one of the most romantic cities in Italy and an ideal destination for a couple’s holiday. The surprising well of San Patrizio, a symbol of the city, has now also become one of the most evocative places to celebrate love on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. It is now customary for visitors to descend the 248 steps to throw a coin at the bottom of the well of San Patrizio, a gesture that is said to be auspicious to return to Orvieto with the loved one. After all, the well, in general, in ancient cultures was a place of social and ideal encounters for falling in love. In the Germanic and Celtic populations, the union between two spouses also took place near a well or a stream
LA SCARZUOLA: is one of the unusual places in Umbria: the ideal (unfinished) city is located in the woods of Montegiove in the municipality of Montegabbione. Physical, moral and esoteric path: hermetic-initiatory garden
GUALDO TADINO: The city stands on a hill where the Rocca Flea stands out, a superb example of 12th century architecture, the Cathedral of San Benedetto, the Town Hall with its noble 18th century facade and the 13th century Civic Tower. From Gualdo Tadino you can set out to discover the area, rich in an important historical, artistic and devotional heritage testified by numerous examples of churches and castles
FOLIGNO: There are also churches and historic buildings in Foligno: for example, only the main square, that of the Republic, is a concentrate of architectural works such as the Duomo, the Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo Trinci. But in June and September the city teases even more the imagination of visitors, especially gourmets, with its carousel of the Quintana, a knightly tournament that takes place in costume and which also includes the opening of local taverns and trattorias in to taste the typical dishes of the Middle Ages. An experience that, we are sure, will increase your appreciation for good Umbrian food!
RASIGLIA: Its raison d’etre is water. From the thunderous source of Capovena, the entire inhabited area seems to spring out, unfolding, according to the natural disposition, as an amphitheater and rises as a necessary village for the fortress which, still strong in its ancient role, dominates with its high bulk the many houses, squeezed between them in a supportive closeness. Also known as “the little Venice of Umbria”
BEVAGNA: About ten kilometers west of Foligno is Bevagna, another enchanting town to be absolutely seen, thanks to the beauty of its churches and its square. Furthermore, in June, the Mercato delle Gaite is staged in Bevagna, an event during which arts and crafts dating back to the Middle Ages are recalled. Finally, take a walk on the city walls. Here you can breathe a sigh of relief: unlike most other Umbrian towns, Bevagna is totally flat!

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