Looking for the perfect season to throw your wedding ceremony? Go for an Autumn wedding party!
2020 has been, until now, a tough year. You probably had to postpone your wedding day, so why not think about the idea of having a wedding in autumn? Changing leaves, seasonal festivities, harvest produces, chilly atmosphere; every part of your wedding can benefit from autumn flair!

Get a perfect autumn wedding: tips and suggestion

autumn is a perfect period for an unexpected, yet fascinating wedding ceremony, right after the peak wedding season, and right before the busy Christmas time.
We would be very happy to help you planning the fall wedding of your dreams., whether you love the autumn chill, or you’re enchanted by the season’s colors.
Autumn is really a particular season and can give some seasonal flair to every part of your special day, so your centerpieces, your bridal bouquet and other decorations. Talking about your wedding palette, Autumnal shades can make your invitations and paper goods unique, your wedding palette can be shine and bright with the warm colors of fall.

Pick the perfect wedding dress for your autumn wedding in Umbria,

Most of the brides think that only spring and summer ceremonies can give the opportunity to get the most fashionable wedding gowns. But starting from the assumption that your wedding in Umbria will probably benefit from a warm weather (Autumn in Italy is usually mild), you will have plenty of options to choose among: long sleeves, cozy accessior, figure-hugging fishtails, strapless gowns, bridal jumpsuits.
Ivory and antiqyue gold colors work especially well in autumn, due to the warm colors that this season brings along. Copper tones of the fallen leaves and early glowing sunsets will perfectly match. You can add a sumptuous faux fur, or detachable overskirt or capelet iIf you opt for a sleeveless gown. Whatever your choice, we are sure you are going to shine no matter the weather or temperature!
Wanna get a bit more modern with your fall color palette for your make up? Consider using gold for a bit of glam, deep plum and emerald green for elegance, or neutral shades like champagne, cream, and slate gray.

Finding the perfect location for your autumn wedding

Statistically, autumn brings more rainy day than summer. If we are sure that even the rain can be a perfect background for a very romantic photoshoot, on the other hand we feel the urge to tell you the indoor or outdoor settings can all be influenced by the season.
But your wedding in Umbria will be a perfect day to remember, if you are provided with a plan B.
You can arrange your wedding on, for example, Veteran’s day weekend; even if autumn does not bring many festivities, your guests can have a free Monday after the weekend.
How much does it cost to organize your autumn wedding in Umbria? Since your wedding day is following the summer wedding rush and you’re likely to have less competition from other brides, see If you can get an off-season deal from your vendors. Hire a wedding planner, you will have by with all these aspects. We at My Umbrian Wedding have the right experience to help you out choosing the best location that fits all of your desires.

Hiring a destination wedding planner for your Autumn wedding in Umbria

When thinking about the organization of your day, you never won’t regret the choice to hire a local wedding planner. Your trustful Umbrian Wedding planner will think about all the details that will make your wedding in Umbria unique and amazing! You can ask for the complete all inclusive wedding package, so you won’t have to worry about the details, but you will have plenty of time to imagine your great day until the moment you will finally live it.
Your autumn wedding in Umbria awaits only you!